Meet the Team

Dice Contracting Team

Dice Contracging main asset is our employees and their positive, collaborative approach to projects from concept to completion. With a select team of experienced professionals we have the capability to identify clients' needs and expectations. Through this understanding, Dice Contracting delivers value with outstanding performance and results. Here is our team:


Ray is one of the founders of Dice Contracting. He provides the company with a structure of extensive experience and a wealth of industry knowledge. He has over 15 years in owning and operating successful businesses and over 20 years within the field of electrical. His background lies in diligently servicing remote and rural areas with a strong passion for making a difference within indigenous communities..


Tim is one of the founders of Dice Contracting. He provides the stability and leadership essential to the ongoing success of the company. Tim is a passionate individual who generates and maintains positive energy within the team. He has over 15 years experience in all facets of the plumbing industry and over 10 years in owning and operating his own businesses. Tim is responsible for overseeing all operations of the company, ensuring exceptional project performance, recruitment of indus try experts and the ongoing growth of the company..

AARON WEBB - Operations Manager

Aaron has held senior management positions across multiple industries over the past 12 years and brings his optimal operational management background to our business. Aaron’s drive, dedication and effective style of communication ensures all core aspects of the business are thoroughly driven through knowledge, accuracy, strong values and a team orientated atmosphere. Aaron’s capabilities provide clear direction and concise decision making skills, assisting Dice Contracting in achieving its true potential.